A life in Slowmotion

written by Hanna Johansson
co-founder of slowmotion fashion brand

Slowmotion is a Swedish designed brand of eco-friendly and ethnic fashion. The brand was founded in 2008 and the first collection was launched in January 2009. The sorbet coloured spring collection is made of super soft jersey pieces such as tops, dresses, sweatshirts and yoga pants. The qualities are super fine, organic Egyptian cotton and lyocell – an eco-friendly kind of viscose. Slowmotion also do accessories such as vegetable tanned leather belts, made without chemicals.

“We don’t do organic because it’s trendy” says the founders Sophia Söderström and Hanna Johansson. “We do it because it’s the only way that feels right. We want to run our company in the best possible way - we are not perfect, but we always try to find the best and most eco-friendly solutions.”

The spring collection from Slowmotion is sold in Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. On the web you can buy Slowmotion through and